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Weekly Live Q&A
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Exclusive Community Access
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Learn How AI Digital Products Took Me From a Broke College Kid to Generating Thousands in Profit in Under 12 Months.
You may have seen me before on TikTok, or not. Either way, nice to meet you. I own one of the largest AI book brands on the market and sold thousands of books written by AI. How? I write books and get them to the market before any of my competitors do.
I’ve built my book brand, it’s time for you to start yours.
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Get access to the exclusive AI Publisher Pro community which includes weekly live Q&As, one on one support, my book organizing Notion template, the ability to view my landing page templates and my book generation prompts. In addition to all of that, I'm also giving you a bonus "Basic Course" to get you started with the basics of AI publishing.

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Minimum Wage to Millionare.

I didn’t become successful overnight. It took me years to find a business model that worked for me. I’ve spent thousands of hours (and dollars) perfecting the AI publishing process. Now, you can learn it all for a fraction of the time and cost.
My First Business
December 2018
Shoveling snow for people in my neighborhood. During that winter season, I made $1,980. Back when I though $2,000 was a lot.
Part Time Job
October 2019
I started working part-time at a sporting store as a sales associate. This job would go on to fund all of my future side hustles.
eBay Reselling
January 2020
Nearing the end of high school, I started reselling Apple lightning cables. I only made $300 after all of eBay’s and PayPal’s fees.
Ghost Producing
June 2020
Started ghost producing house music. I eventually sold thirteen songs for a total of $9,800. Now I just produce house music as a hobby.
OpenAI GPT-3 Beta
October 2020
I reached out to Greg Brockman. I started working on use cases for GPT-3 with a team of ten developers shortly after.
June 2021
Got three clients at $1,900/month. Marketing agencies started turning into a commodity. Clients ended up choosing cheaper “agencies”.
November 2021
Made $10,200 but ended up loosing $16,000 from one bad supplier, refunds and chargeback fees. I started feeling hopeless but kept grinding.
AI Consulting
May 2022
Consulting with Fintech firms about how to integrate GPT-3 into their business workflows. My automations started taking people’s jobs.
Back to Job
June 2022
AI consulting wasn’t consistent enough. I had to go back to the sporting store. I continued consulting during this time.
The Idea
July 2022
I met with a large publishing firm who wanted to integrate GPT-3 into their publication process. That’s when the idea sparked.
Brand Building
September 2022
I built my first few landing pages, wrote 40 books and tried out Facebook Ads. I ended up switching to Pinterest due to high CPC on FB.
Finally Profitable
October 2022
This was the second day I was profitable. I thought it was a short-term success. I didn’t think I would be profitable in the long term.
$140K Profit
January 2023
I started hitting $1,000 days consistently. I started posting on TikTok in the hopes of finding a mentor that could take me even further.
$350K Profit
June 2023
Took a break from teaching people to focus on scaling my ads. I started looking into more advertising platforms as well organic traffic.

Success That Speaks for Itself

That’s enough of my results. Here’s what others have been accomplishing with their books. It doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re at, this business model can be learned and executed by anyone.

Joe Popelas

Serial Entrepreneur

I know what it feels like... Failing to make money online for years. I succeeded at everything but always got burned in the end. I’ve tried it all. Years of struggle and hard work. My publishing company is what took me to the next level.

My book brand has grown into a monster. Competition doesn’t scare me. I’m here to teach you the process that made me a thousands.

Taught 800+ Students

When I’m not busy with my own book brand, I teach hundreds of people the framework I went through to build my brand. As long as you can read and type, I can teach you.

Private Mentees - Full

My private mentees have a success rate of 83%. Spots are limited to 20 people every other fiscal quarter. Mentee spots are $11,800 for 6 months of one-on-one mentorship. All spots are filled and applications are closed until 2025 Q1.